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*Polyurea spray elastomer
*Polyurethane automobile solution
  TPU system
Water-blowned PU system
Semi-rigid PU foam system
High-resilient cold-curing foam
*Rigid polyurethane foam
  PUR foam system and panels
*Polyurethane raw material
Polyoxyalkylene Amines
Aromatic polyester polyol
  Silicon surfactant
Polyurethane foam depressant
*Adhesives & Sealants
  JSP series
DJ series
Solvent borne
*Other chemicals
  Polyocarboxy acid superplasticizer
Crylic Acid Resin
Vinyl Acetate Monomer

::: What we offer >> Polyurethane automobile solution
Polyurethane automobile solution

Why polyurethane in automobile?
Polyurethane is a highly versatile material that is commonly used in the automobile industry because of many economic and ecological benefits it provides:

Efficiency: Polyurethanes can be tailor-made to meet the exact shape and size requirements, thereby reducing the generation of scrap material and lowering vehicle costs.
Sustainability: Polyurethanes are often applied as lightweight foams, which help reduce the weight of cars, thereby lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Recyclability: At the end of their useful life, polyurethanes can be recycled and their energy recovered through a range of approved technologie
Versatility: Polyurethanes are an extremely versatile material, which makes them ideal for a range of applications in cars, from foam seat fillings to bumpers and steering wheels.
Safety: The shock absorbing qualities and high resilience of polyurethane foams ensure the safety of drivers and passengers in cars, under static and dynamic conditions.

What's included in our automobile polyurethane solution?
Automotive roof trimming--TPU system
Automotive body coating --Water-blown PU system
Dashboard filling --Semi-rigid PU foam system for
Armrest --Integral-skin product
Car back cushion and motor saddle--High-resilient cold-curing foam system
Shock absorber, shockproof gasket, automobile used air filter-----micro-cellular elastomer premix
Wind shield and sealing bar for car window glass,
Side panel for car inner trimming, vacuum- foaming seat cushion, car bumper

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