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::: What we offer >> Polyurethane automobile solution
Automotive roof trimming PU system

According to the requests of varies product lines of the automotive roof trimming companies, we have developed a series of raw materials for thermoformable PU rigid foam and cold formable PU foam to keep up with the trend of lightness, personality and comfort of automobile and meet the need of automobile module mass production.

* Adopting water blown technology to eliminate CFCS, making the product more environmental friendly
* Good extensibility and can be formed into almost any shape
* High percentage of open-cell and excellent voice adsorption
* Low density, lightweight, in accordance with the trend of lightness of automobile
* Excellent formability and self-resistant structure
All of these features make it suitable as automobile roof trim material. Thus the Automobile headliners thereby have lightweight, dimensional stability, excellent thermal insulation and good voice absorption.

We have successfully cooperated with many famous companies in automobile industry and our products are widely used in various models. We covers majority of domestic market of automotive roof trimming during the past years, gaining good reputation from customers home and abroad.

thermoformable PUR foam
coldformable PU foam
Density, kg/cm3
Weight per unit area, g/m2
Stability(deformation volume)
Machining temperature

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