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*Polyurea spray elastomer
*Polyurethane automobile solution
  TPU system
Water-blowned PU system
Semi-rigid PU foam system
High-resilient cold-curing foam
*Rigid polyurethane foam
  PUR foam system and panels
*Polyurethane raw material
Polyoxyalkylene Amines
Aromatic polyester polyol
  Silicon surfactant
Polyurethane foam depressant
*Adhesives & Sealants
  JSP series
DJ series
Solvent borne
*Other chemicals
  Polyocarboxy acid superplasticizer
Crylic Acid Resin
Vinyl Acetate Monomer

::: Profile
Over 40 years R&D experience in polyurethane technology has consolidated our position as predominant manufacturer and marketer in China polyurethane market. Our business covers every part of polyurethane applications, ranging from polyurethane raw material, additives, adhesives, premix, elastomer, fine chemicals, to cured products such as polyurethane panels.

Qualification & accreditation
* QS-ISO-9002-certification
* Board-vice chairman unit of China PU Industry Cooperation
* Chairman-unit of China Foam Special Interest Committee
* Member of National Standardization Committee
* Editor of Journal "Polyurethane Industry"
* Owner of more than 60 National or Provincial technological
ˇˇachievement award


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